Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My New Project

Lately I've been working...AND working on these aprons. I am involved in a "swap" with 14 other ladies to get this quilt done. I am making 14 of these apron blocks by September 1st, when we will all get together and swap blocks, each coming away with 14 different aprons. This pattern calls for turn-under applique, which I love, and has been so fun. It will be REAL fun to get 13 other aprons at the end of the month! Here's a block in progress...
My stack of finished blocks. I have 4 more to go then my 14 will be done. At the end of the cherry stems on the pockets go "cherry" buttons. I have decided to leave them off and let the ladies choose their own buttons. We were also advised to use "vintage" fabrics on these. I am happy to say that I only had to get 2 pieces of fabric that I didn't already have. Yay for me!
Sorry this picture didn't turn out. I tried to get a clear one about 5 times. To no avail...
We used one of Lori Holt's cute patterns. I love her stuff. You can check out her site here. My next project will be her "Reunion" pattern for a fun family surprise! Got to finish this one in time though first...


  1. Oh that will be super cute once it's all done and put together. Can't wait to see the finished project.

    I'm also super excited to see the "Reunion" pattern you'll be doing. It will be such an amazing gift.

  2. I'm excited to see the Nativity piece. I assume it's done if you've moved on to something else. Can't wait to see everyone soon!

  3. Is there any chance you'll accidentally make an extra block for me to keep? I LOVE the block you made. The colors are so cute. Very retro-vintage.