Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have been working on and off on my "Be Attitudes" quilt since the kids left after Christmas. This is a project that is going to take some time, as I have to do quite a bit of embroidery to each square. I have all of the blocks put together (12 of them) so they are all ready to be stitched. The quilt store, and the instructions in the pattern book call for sewing machine blanket stitch around the appliqued pieces, but I wanted to hand blanket stitch them instead. I find that it is great therapy for me and very relaxing. Hence, they will take longer to do. I am not in any hurry though, so here is a rundown on the finished blocks...

This is the block for January. This is one of my favorite ones. There are stitched snowflakes that go along the top part of this block that I haven't done yet. He also gets a carrot button nose after the quilt is finished and put together.This one is in the February spot. I didn't realize that these blocks go with the month until I really looked at them. Some of them are generic, but the overall look of the finished quilt is seasonal, I think.
This one is kind of funny. Who would have thought that an ant would end up on a quilt, but the little guy is about the best example of someone being positive, don't you think? This one ends up with a big red (cherry) button on top of the cupcake.
This is also one the favorites in the family. The big girls especially like this one. This guy ends up with BIG black button eyes at the end, and "berry" button around the leaves.
This is the one that I just finished today. This block also has quite a few buttons on it when it is finished. On each seed packet goes a flower button, with 3 different flower buttons going down the right side plaid strip.
I will post as I make them, so that you can see each block. I have been working on a "Block of the Month" quilt that I got free from a blog I follow. It includes some stitchery as well. Stay tuned for that...


  1. It's cool you have a new blog for this stuff, like Connie. If ever I have ingenious ideas or crafty things I guess I just post them to my main blog but it's cool to have it seperate if you are especially always creating things or projects...

  2. I am working on the Be Patient block tonight!
    Yours look great!