Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have started collecting fabric for my projects (on sale, of course) and have enough of a "stash" to get something started. The packages of squares are 5" x 5" pieces of fabric with about 40 in each one. They are called "Charm Packs." They are from one line of fabric, which makes it nice when you are trying to coordinate your colors. I am planning on making a quilt with the three yellow ones. I will have to post about that later, because I have plans for other things first. The cute little rolls of fabric are called "jelly rolls" and contain 2 1/2" strips of all fabrics in a line of fabric. The pre-cut fabric makes it easy to assemble certain projects that might require cutting fabric into strips. The yardage was just a good deal. I'm not sure what will come from that, but SOMETHING for sure!I even bought me some Christmas fabric after the holidays when it was pretty inexpensive. Yay for me!!
But THIS is the first thing on my list of things to start...a table runner I promised Connie. It will be my first table runner that I have made. The colors will match Connie's newly-painted kitchen and are very rich in color. All I need is to find a pattern that will use both squares and strips so that I have little cutting to do.
I have also been stitching this block and got it finished in a couple of days. It is part of a Christmas quilt (I have changed THAT up a bit with pinks and greens instead) that comes a month at a time. Meaning a new block pattern every month to stitch up, which will be nice when I am working on other projects. I will be using the different fabrics for different blocks. This is a free pattern that I got from another blog.
So there you have it...the latest things that keep me busy.


  1. Vicki...I'm so glad you started a quilt blog!!! And your stash is coming along great! I love those Christmas fabrics and the ones for Connie and and and...I love all of them! Okay...so I'm adding this to my list!

  2. How is the Be Attitudes quilt coming? Glad you're building a collection, fun for you!!