Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My newest project

I used one of my charm packs and the pattern that I got in the mail to make this cute little tabletopper. It's only 17" by 17", but perfect for my family room table that we use for games, puzzles, or just snacking in the afternoon. I only have to put the binding on it and then it is finished and adopted into the family for good.

I used every little scrap I could. I'm not very good at throwing them away. They are too beautiful, and I always think that I could use them for something. So for the back of this tabletopper, I just sewed every little strip together to make a few long strips and incorporated them into the back, just for a little pizzazz. Cute, huh?


  1. I'm glad you stopped by and visited my blog so I could see yours! I'm liking what I'm seeing! I made this same quilt and have it posted several back and I was also tickled to see you used your leftovers for the backing. Where do you find jelly rolls and charm packs 50% off?

  2. Wonderful!!! And I love the back...and your quilting looks great!!!

  3. I love it! That table is going to be the hit spot of the family! I think you could use both sides of the runner cause they're both great.