Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sneak Peak

Here's the startings of another project. I am borrowing the idea from a tutorial of my good friend. I am excited to get these to come to life, and I am also able to use my "Butterfly Fling" jelly roll that I have had since I began purchasing them months ago. Come back, and watch as it develops. My "Butterfly" quilt is at the quilter's getting an edge-to-edge done on it. Thank you Quilt Hollow, for the suggestion on that one. I am always open to "professionals" helping me out whenever I need a suggestion. I can't wait to get it back and see how it has transformed into a work of art! Life is good...


  1. Can't wait to see what this is...these fabrics are just so bright and cheery!

  2. While I have no fabric like this in my stash...I see this and hope for a grand-daughter some day! (I had boys!) Let me know when you get your butterfly quilt will be stunning! Makes me want to use my butterfly motifs on one for those girls I'm waiting for!!