Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Fabric, a Sneak Peek, and a Project

The post office has been good to me this week. I received my "Hello Betty" layer cake (to match my charm pack) and the "Timber Creek Flannel" yardage to go with my Fields of Flowers quilt that I will be starting next week with the church ladies. The other yardage is from the "Portugal" line, which I LOVE! The first charm packs I ever bought are "Portugal" packs, 3 of this should make a lovely quilt when I figure out which pattern I want to use.

When my daughter saw all of the fabric coming in the mailbox for 3 days in a row, she told me that I couldn't buy any more fabric till I did all of the projects that I had started...I swear I heard her say "You can't use the car until you have cleaned up your room!" Since when does a 21 year old tell her 50 year old mother what to do?! (The worse part of it is that I know she's right!) So, here is a sneak peek, and the only peek at one project I need to finish. I can't show the end result because this is ending up a gift for Christmas. Too bad!
I decided I'd better get a move on with an already purchased fabric and mind my daughter. So, here is a tablerunner that I have planned on making for a while, made out of a lovely "Louise" charm pack. The pattern came off the Moda Bake Shop. I love the way it is turning out. I used my extra fabric strips for the back again. It is pinned and ready to stipple...the only problem is that my sewing machine is 25 years old and doesn't stipple. So I am hoping that my good friend Sherri, will do it for me. Then on to the binding, and a project is done! One down, and about (?) to go!!


  1. Hi Vicki,
    Love all your fabric and the projects you've started. I think we all have about "?" that many projects started too. That's what keeps us young...jumping from one project to the next.

  2. Wow...the mail has been good to you...I'm thinking I should have ordered that "Hello Betty" Layer Cake as well...oh, well. I'd be happy to quilt your runner...but you know I'm just a beginner at machine stippling!

  3. Have to tell you this after reading your daughter's comment. My DH looks at my latest quilt and ask who is it for? Well, it is mine I say. He looks around and says, Mary...look around you..don't you think we have enough already? WHAT DOES HE KNOW!!

  4. Ooh Mom, is that runner the one for me? Either way, I know the one you will make me will be wonderful as long as it is colorful! Yay for you. I can't wait to come in June, but don't think you'll be sewing all the wekk! I'm going to whip your toosh when we work out!! Be ready!

  5. I love the table runner- cute pattern!