Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's a Start...

I have been starting to save up for a new sewing machine. The one that I have is about 25 years old, and has been having problems keeping the thread on the hammer (?) of the machine. It has gotten so bad that I cannot use regular thread anymore. The only thread that seems to work, without it coming off, is serger thread. I'm okay with that, but it ends up being a pretty big pain in the neck when your thread is hanging off the back of your machine and you are trying to keep it from getting caught on your work. I am looking at buying any good machine ON SALE, that will do quilting stitches. I have projects sitting here waiting to be stippled, so hopefully in the next few months, I will be able to do them myself and have them ready for Christmas. I would appreciate any suggestions on what machine has worked wonders for you. There are so many to choose from, I wouldn't know where to start. I guess I start with one that is on sale...


  1. I love Janome...and the Cynthia's Sewing Center on Craig & I-15 often has really good deals! If you go in maybe they'd call when they have some good ones available. I bought a Janome Gem Platinum to have as a spare a couple of years ago for only $300...and it's a fabulous machine!

  2. I don't know... I have a Bernina and I love it!

  3. way to go mom, you just stick that in your panty drawer! I'll always remember you saying that to us whenever we wanted to save something important...stick it in your panty drawer ha ha! I'm really excited to come, it's about that time. It'll be great to be there that long and not have a quick trip. The challenge will be keeping the kids out of dad's hair and keeping them cool! ha ha